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Linz’s biggest marketplaces in for major facelifts

Linz’s biggest marketplaces in for major facelifts

Renovation efforts of the city’s largest marketplace have already wrapped up, just before the holidays

The first construction phase of the general renovation of the Linz Südbahnhofmarkt – the city’s largest and most visited marketplace, was wrapped up just in time for the holidays. The proverbial final touch, the polishing of the market area, took place as the last step before the completion of the first stage, allowing for the redevelopment of the weekly market open area to be completed as planned on December 18th.

Providing an opportunity for commerce to flourish despite the circumstances

After the start of work in October, the existing surface in the east of the market was removed in several steps at a cost of around 950,000 euros, followed by excavation and assembly work for the renewal of the power supply and the new lighting concept.

In detail, the underground car park at the Südbahnhof below was sealed, 3,500 square meters of new surface area was created, a further 1,600 square meters were lightened, and 350 square meters of new paved area was created. The traditional decorations with Christmas trees have already been set up in the interior of the Südbahnhofmarkt, giving the market a festive flair.

“I am very pleased that the work for what is probably the best-known and most popular Linz market can be completed on schedule in the form of a point load. Visitors to the Südbahnhof can now do their shopping in a pre-Christmas environment and in a pleasant atmosphere. The renovation measures are not only an important and necessary investment in the future of the market, but also a measure to stimulate the economy in the Corona crisis, ” emphasized the Linz market and economic advisor, Vice Mayor Bernhard Baier.

In the coming year, the Kantstrasse area will be repaired in a second construction phase. In addition to the surface renovation, it is planned to carry out the renovation of the main sewer lines in the market interior. “A total of 2.5 million euros are to be made available for the general renovation. This is a sustainable investment to improve the infrastructure for the regional economy, ”said Linz’s Deputy Mayor Bernhard Baier.



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