Borås preschool party, Source: Borås Municipality

Literature-certified preschools? Borås has three of them now

Literature-certified preschools? Borås has three of them now

This is a Swedish innovative practice in the field of early education

Yesterday, 19 October, there were special parties at two pre-schools in the Swedish city of Borås - Milstensgården and Sagan. The festivities were owed to these institutions having gained the status of literature-certified preschools (together with Trandaredsgården), an innovative approach to early childhood education. In fact, the status had been obtained already in the spring but due to the epidemic restrictions, celebrations had to wait until the new school year had begun.

The certification means in-depth collaboration between pre-schools and the library

So, what does it mean to be a literature-certified preschool? It means placing the focus on cognitive and psychological developments of the young minds through the captivating world of literature and storytelling.

“Language is very important,” said Marie Svensson, the principal of Sagan preschool. “The fact that children are allowed to listen to reading aloud early in life gives them, among other things, a larger vocabulary and a better understanding of words. It is something that they then carry with them when they get older and throughout their schooling”.

The goal is to develop pupils’ language ability and richness even before they have learned to read. It marks the importance of children’s literature not only with its narrative but also with the visual offering of the illustrations.

To that end, every year each pre-school will choose one book that will become the theme of the school year. This means that all of the curricula will be organized to integrate different topics into the common theme. The idea behind is that it also creates a community that involves teachers and students.

Milstensgården students were treated to a special guest for their party. They had a workshop with Stina Wirsén, a children’s book writer and illustrator. She helped the kids create their own books immersing themselves in the creative process.



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