Opportunity Pass is required in shops selling non-essential goods in Lithuania

Lithuania mandates Opportunity Pass for certain activities and services

Lithuania mandates Opportunity Pass for certain activities and services

Covid certificates will not be needed for intercity travel and can be obtained with even an antigen test

Starting on 13 September, access to certain activities and services in Lithuania becomes possible only with an Opportunity Pass (Galimybių Pasas).

The national Covid certificate is issued to people who have been fully vaccinated, have recovered from Covid-19 in the past six months, or have tested negative for coronavirus using a PCR or an antigen test valid for 72 and 48 hours respectively. The EU Digital COVID Certificate is also accepted.

Places requiring immunity certificates

LRT has prepared a list of services and activities which require possession of an Opportunity Pass (with or without exceptions):

  • People without the pass can only access indoor marketplaces and shops that sell essential goods, are smaller than 1,500 sq m and have street-level access. Small shop owners, however, are free to demand Covid certificates from customers.
  • In pharmacies located inside shopping centres, separate flows must be ensured for immunity certificate holders and the rest of clients.
  • Indoor areas of cafes, eateries and bars will be open only to Opportunity Pass holders. Those without the certificate will be able to sit outdoors, five people per table (or more if from the same household), but will be barred from using the indoor toilets.
  • Those without Opportunity Pass can only request services at home if they require no more than a 15-minute close contact.
  • People without immunity certificates may shop and receive services outdoors.
  • No Opportunity Pass will be required for outdoor and indoor events with attendance limit of 500 people.
  • Museums, exhibitions, and libraries will not require immunity certificates.
  • Service providers who choose to admit only Opportunity Pass holders will not need to limit visitor numbers and require social distancing or facemask-wearing.
  • The Opportunity Pass obligation for travel on intercity buses, ferries and trains has been scrapped. However, passengers are required to keep a safe distance and wear facemasks.

Temporary exemption for students

The Lithuanian government has allowed higher education students to attend lectures without presenting the Opportunity Pass until 15 October, on condition that they take a preventive Covid-19 test. The logic behind the decision is that some students have failed to get their second vaccine shot in time to develop full immunity before the start of the academic year.

Students must undergo preventive antigen or PCR testing every 7–10 days free of charge until 15 October, and afterwards, they will have to conduct paid tests to be able to attend classes.



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