Ljubljana invites citizens to explore its green spaces

Ljubljana invites citizens to explore its green spaces

When outside, however, locals must remain vigilant and respect social distancing rules at all times

Spring is upon us yet we aren’t really allowed to travel all that much and explore the countryside. The lockdown measures imposed by governments across Europe have prevented thousands of citizens from travelling and enjoying the ever-improving weather conditions as they would have under normal circumstances.

That does not mean, however, that they can not enjoy the green spaces in the cities they are living in – or at least that’s the case in Slovenia, where no severe restrictions on access to parks have been placed by neither national nor local authorities.

Ljubljana sends an invitation

The Slovenian capital of Ljubljana wants locals to make the best use of their free time and the excellent weather – at least as far as the circumstances allow. In order for citizens to continue respecting social distancing measures and to remain safe healthy and ever vigilant, city authorities are recommending trips to less popular green spaces in the area – such as for example the Tivoli, Roznik and Sisenski hrib Landscape Park.

So far it has been one of the less popular destinations for nature seekers which could prove to be a boon in these times when more distance between persons is required. Located in the northwestern part of Ljubljana it boasts numerous walking trails that take you on a journey throughout nature.

There are also over 15 kilometres of well-kept paths in the forested part of the park, should you feel the urge to be surrounded by its old and tall trees, representatives of a wide range of species from the region.

The municipality, however, also wants to remind visitors that they should remain mindful of nature and to actively work on protecting it and not disturbing them – as there are a number of indigenous species of animals native to the area, they must remain undisturbed throughout citizen visits.



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