Ljubljana looks towards 2020

Ljubljana looks towards 2020

Check out what the municipality will be doing and where it will be investing over the next year

The municipal companies responsible for many of the essential services in the Slovene capital of Ljubljana have recently announced their investment plans for 2020. The companies Energetika Ljubljana, Ljubljana Passenger Transport and VOKA SNAGA are all part of Public Holding Ljubljana and have reported that they are all expecting to operate at a profit next year.

Profits and investments

Overall Public Holding Ljubljana plans to come 495,000 euros ahead, while Energetika Ljubljana is expecting a profit of 173,000 euros, VOKA SNAGA of 93,000 euros, and Ljubljana Passenger Transport 68,000 euros.

Companies in the Ljubljana Public Holding Group plan to invest 80.5 million euros of their own funds in a number of different projects in 2020 and will also be making investments totalling 121,000 euros through local community funding.

The largest amount of own funds will be earmarked for investments by Energetika Ljubljana, amounting to 62.4 million euros, 49.6 million of which will be invested in the installation of a gas-steam unit. VOKA SNAGA will invest EUR 15.9 million and Ljubljana Passenger Transport EUR 2 million.

And here are the main areas in which the three companies will be concentrating their efforts come 2020:

  • The most important investment of Energetika Ljubljana is the construction of a gas-steam unit – it will cost a total of 49.6 million euros. The company will now be looking towards securing a contractor for technological equipment as well as a short-term loan.
  • VOKA SNAGA plans investments amounting to around 16 million euros. 41.2% of funding will go towards the drinking water supply business, 39.4% for wastewater discharge and treatment, 10.7% for waste collection and the rest for the purchase of equipment for carrying out support processes and other activities.
  • Public Transport Ljubljana’s efforts will be focused on improving the capabilities of the already existing services as the company expects a rise in the use of the city’s public transport networks.

Overall, the public services in the Slovene capital are set to be improved greatly over the course of 2020.



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