ljubljana, Source: Project Outside by Larisa Kazic, City of Ljubljana

Ljubljana pledges support to small local initiatives

Ljubljana pledges support to small local initiatives

Some 15 projects developed by citizens will be supported by the municipality

Over the last couple of years, the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana has been implementing its very own “Outside” project. The goal of the initiative is to integrate locals into the decision-making and implementation process so that they can contribute to the bettering of their own neighbourhoods. By submitting their ideas and later realizing them, they are thus encouraged to spend more time outdoors and, in the end, do a great service to the entire community of Ljubljana.

Project Outside 2020

After a very successful 2019 rendition, local authorities in Ljubljana are more than happy to announce the 15 winners of the 2020 edition of the project. They are as follows:

  • Benches by the park on Rašiška ulica
  • A playground for everyone!
  • Between the community garden and the street
  • “Welcome to the Valley of Besnica Meeting Point”
  • House of the national hero Vladimir Gorkič
  • “Chat Snake”
  • Arrangement of a basketball court in the Mostec neighbourhood
  • Sneberska oasis
  • Social corner under the high-rise
  • Arranging a green belt next to the blocks
  • A hub of good ideas
  • Basketball court “Tbilisijska”
  • Adventure playground
  • A corner along the Ljubljanica
  • Punkl

The municipality received a total of 57 submissions and initiative proposals but there are the ones that ultimately made the cut and are set to be implemented across the urban area. And while on their own these are small scale initiatives, taken together, as a whole, they will substantially improve the entirety of the Slovenian capital.

The projects will all be completed by the end of September. Every one of them will also get an individual mentor who will aid with the implementation, on top of the 800 euros granted for the purchasing of materials.

By including citizens and locals into the decision-making process, the solutions that are proposed by them are bound to have a great effect on their communities – as they boast substantial support in their respective neighbourhoods.



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