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Ljubljana provides support to local food producers

Ljubljana provides support to local food producers

The city wants to give local entrepreneurs additional opportunities to grow during the crisis

The Slovenian capital of Ljubljana has launched a new initiative aimed at supporting local food producers during the ongoing crisis. Local authorities want to build on their past experiences in promoting local providers and to help them get back on their feet during these difficult times.

Going local for the benefit of the community

The coronavirus pandemic has dealt a severe blow to small retailers and sellers who were forced to suspend their operations during the months of lockdown – and supportive measures delivered by governments can only go so far. That is why Ljubljana wants to provide an alternative way of giving local entrepreneurs a helping hand – namely through innovative practices that help them stand out and make their products available to a wider audience.

According to officials, the Ljubljana region is very rich when it comes to locally produced food, which is further bolstered by ever-increasing demand. The development of the sector was hindered by the pandemic, however, and it needs some help in getting back to speed.

That is precisely what the city wants to accomplish through its new project. Upon completion, it will take form in a booklet shining the spotlight on all local food producers in the region. But in order for their task to be successful, authorities need the help of all those who want to make use of the new service.

That is why all those who produce locally-grown food and want to sell it to their fellow citizens are invited to fill out a short survey and to submit their information on Ljubljana’s municipal portal, that will then be gathered into a single publication. Participating is entirely free of charge and would result in more visibility for local farmers which would, in turn, help them grow and expand – or at the very least keep their businesses afloat.



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