electric train, Source: Ljubljana Urban Electric train by Municipality of Ljubljana, Doris Kordic

Ljubljana’s Urban Electric train returns to operation

Ljubljana’s Urban Electric train returns to operation

It takes you to all the best places in the Slovenian capital

With Ljubljana’s steady reopening, old attractions and points of pride are slowly making their return – albeit, sometimes, in a diminished form or on a reduced schedule. Nonetheless, following months of lockdown and effective shutdown of public life, it is still good to see vestiges of what is remembered fondly before the coronavirus pandemic make their return.

One such thing in the Slovenian capital is its very own Urban electric train, which was forced to suspend its operations for a while due to the extraordinary situation that the world found itself in.

Taking you to all the best spots

Taking a ride on Ljubljana’s Urban electric train will give you an opportunity to explore the best parts of the city in an environmentally friendly manner. By running on batteries, it helps visitors and citizens of the city to move about without causing any harm whatsoever to the environment, thereby assisting the local administration’s efforts in reaching its climate targets.

The train takes you all around the city. It begins its trips at the City Hall every day at 11 AM and has its final departure from its last destination at 5 PM. The train will take you to Ljubljana Castle, then continue along the embankments of the Ljubljanica and past Trnovski pristan and then return through the centre of Ljubljana, past the Opera, the Modern Gallery and Prešeren Square all the way back to the starting point at the City Hall.

Of course, with the COVID-19 threat still remaining an ever-present threat, special precautionary measures must be taken while onboard the vehicle. The wearing of masks by all passengers of the train is absolutely necessary, as is hands disinfection prior to boarding the vehicle. In order to accommodate for social distancing, the maximum number of passengers on the train is capped at 15 for the time being.



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