Ljubljana with new way to measure air quality

Ljubljana with new way to measure air quality

A new device was placed in the city by the state environment agency to keep track of pollution

The environmental agency of Slovenia (Arso) in cooperation with Ljubljana municipality placed a special container at the juncture of Pavšičeva Street and Celovška Road. It measures air quality by connecting to the electricity and telecommunication grid of the municipality. The station is part of a wider project aimed at finding and rectifying the causes for air pollution.

The station is equipped with instruments for measuring air quality, and when it becomes fully operational, the data will be available on the agency's website, according to the environment agency. Slovenia is faced with the problem of excessive air pollution and ranks amongst European countries with the highest amounts of air pollution.

Therefore, the Environmental Agency has prepared a project for comprehensive monitoring of air pollution, which will allow for the preparation of bases for decision makers to plan and monitor the implementation of quality improvement policies and measures.

A new way to combat air pollution

The project is called "Sinica - Upgrading the Air Pollution Monitoring System, Identifying Causes of Excessive Burden, and Analyzing the Effects of Improvement Measures" and will also allow citizens to be better informed about air pollution and its causes and effects.

The project further envisions the expansion of these monitoring stations to other locations within Ljubljana as well as other Slovenian municipalities such as Maribor, Celje, Kranj, Novo mesto, Nova Gorica, Hrastnik, Trbovlje and Zagorje, Murska Sobota, Koper, Žerjav, Iskra, Otlika and Krvavec.

The Slovenian Environment Agency believes that the overall change in weather conditions and human activity significantly contribute to air pollution in the country.

Ars points the finger at the excessive use of wood for heating in cities as well as at the constant increase in car and motor traffic on the roads of cities, which combined with the rise in temperatures leads to undesired and worsening results. 



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