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Local authorities in West Midlands band together to help rough sleepers

Local authorities in West Midlands band together to help rough sleepers

City Councils in the area are working together to help disadvantaged citizens during the winter season

Local governments in the West Midlands will be working together to improve conditions for rough sleepers and the homeless this year. For a 2nd consecutive year, the 7 authorities – those of the City of Birmingham, the City of Wolverhampton, the City of Coventry, Dudley, Walsall, Sandwell and Solihull will be collaborating with the Homelessness Task Force and the West Midlands Combined Authority and many other partners from the private and public sectors to ensure the safety of those left out in the cold.

Working together to solve structural problems and help those in need

Together, the aforementioned groups will be working on executing the West Midlands Winter Plan for Rough Sleepers. Among its main objectives are the following commitments:

  • Authorities to work together and rapidly seek out rough sleepers and help them get to safety
  • To provide access to everyone in need of severe weather provision
  • To support rough sleepers with complex issues including mental illness or substance abuse
  • To provide funding for charities working for the homeless and rough sleepers
  • To work closely with charities in providing accommodations for the homeless during the winter season
  • To provide free bus tickets to those in need
  • To allow for members of the public to alert authorities when they spot people in dire circumstances

The Plan is a follow-up to last year’s Housing First pilot project, which led to over 100 rough sleepers being moved to permanent housing and accommodations. This year’s edition will yet again focus on the “entrenched” rough sleepers and help them along the way of transitioning away from homelessness by providing them not only with a home but also with permanent support.

You can find out more about the West Midlands Winter Plan for Rough Sleepers over at this link.



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