Alba Iulia, the capital of Alba County, Source: Kiki Vasilescu on Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 4.0

Local by-elections held in Romania 2021

Local by-elections held in Romania 2021

High turnout, suspected voter fraud and a mayor passing away from COVID-19

By-elections were held in Romania on Sunday, 27 June 2021, in 36 communes and 23 counties containing 6 cities and 30 communes, with a total of 176 polling stations.

AGERPRESS, the Romanian national news agency reports that the turnout in Ciuruleasa commune was 80.08%, and its former mayor Radu Marcel Tuhuţ (PSD) was elected deputy. In Meteş, another commune in Alba the turnout was 73.41% and the elections were held because the former mayor, the liberal Dan Opruţa, passed away from COVID-19.

On Sunday, the Alba Police were notified of a suspicious mobile ballot box. The box was for those residents who could not go to the election in person – a total of 20 people, yet it reportedly carried 90 ballots. Law enforcement has started a criminal investigation in the matter, as this constitutes voter fraud in Romania.

Localities where by-elections were held:

The constituencies in which by-elections were held for mayors are:

  • Alba - Ciuruleasa and Meteş communes;
  • Arad - Zăbrani commune;
  • Argeş - Aninoasa and Rociu communes;
  • Bacău - Tamaşi commune;
  • Brasov - Şinca Nouă commune;
  • Brăila - Viziru commune;
  • Caraş-Severin - the town of Bocşa;
  • Calarasi - Cuza Voda and Frumusani communes;
  • Covasna - Ozun commune;
  • Dâmboviţa - Braniştea commune;
  • Dolj - the town of Filiaşi and the communes of Cătane, Sadova, Terpeziţa and Ostroveni;
  • Galaţi - the city of Târgu Bujor;
  • Gorj - Bumbeşti-Piţic commune;
  • Hunedoara - Burjuc, Romos and Sarmizegetusa communes;
  • Ialomiţa - the communes of Gura Ialomiţei and Ion Roată;
  • Ilfov - Bragadiru town and Găneasa commune;
  • Mehedinti - Obârşia de Câmp commune;
  • Olt - Deveselu commune;
  • Prahova - Şotrile commune;
  • Sălaj - the city of Şimleu Silvaniei;
  • Suceava - the city of Vicovul de Sus;
  • Timiş - Voiteg commune;
  • Vâlcea - Scundu and Slătioara communes.

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