Bag it & Bin it campaign reminds dog owners to clean after their pet, Source: Carlow County Council on Facebook

Local councils in Ireland launch new anti-dog fouling campaign

Local councils in Ireland launch new anti-dog fouling campaign

The Bag it & Bin campaign will include community visits, education programmes and monitoring of dog walking activities

“Now the most important thing of all, is if you own a dog,
When they go to toilet, poop scooping is your job.
Don't ignore the doggy mess, it may end up on someone’s shoe,
Make sure you always pick it up, the responsibility is down to YOU!”

This quatrain from an endearing poem published on the website can do justice to any anti-dog fouling campaign. But no, it is not used to promote the latest such initiative, launched by Carlow County Council, together with the councils of Kilkenny, Wexford and Waterford City & County. Instead, the campaign creators have chosen a simple, razor-sharp slogan to convey their message to dog owners - “Bag it & Bin it”

Health risks 

The timing of the campaign is nothing short of propitious. With the warming of weather and restrictions on movement further relaxed from 12 April, more people will be getting out to walk, jog, or cycle. And here comes the problem. Dog excrements that have not been picked up can stick to shoe soles and the wheels of bikes, buggies, prams or wheelchairs and then be brought into people’s homes. 

Stepping on dog poo is unpleasant, but it is a trifle compared to the ramifications for human health. Dog faeces contain bacteria and worms which can be particularly harmful to young children who often forget to wash their hands properly. Getting in and down the mouth, these microorganisms can cause diarrhoea, vomiting, and fever as well as infect the intestines and the kidneys. 

Campaign measures 

According to the Carlow County Council’s press release, the Bag it & Bin it campaign will see several measures rolled out across the participating counties over the coming months, once it is safe to do so. These will include community visits, collaboration with organisations such as Carlow GAA and Tidy Towns groups, education programmes and monitoring of dog walking activities. 

Everyone can get involved in the “Bag it & Bin It” campaign, no matter if they have a dog or not. Carlow County Council has launched a confidential freephone 1800 308 208 and email, where people can report violations.



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