Athens, Greece

Lockdown in Greece ends on 14 May

Lockdown in Greece ends on 14 May

Rules regarding the night curfew, SMS system, and domestic travel will change

As of Friday 14 May, Greeks will be allowed more freedom as the country gradually exits lockdown and attempts to return to normal. The new changes will affect the night curfew, SMS system and domestic travel restrictions, among others.

From Friday, citizens will no longer have to use the SMS system if they wish to leave their homes. In addition to this, the night curfew will be modified so as to begin at 12:30 am instead of 11:00 pm. The ban on travel between the regions will also be lifted; however, new rules will come into force.

What are the new rules on travel in Greece?

In order to travel from the mainland to the Greek islands, one must travel via ferry or air. More importantly, they must have a vaccination certificate that proves they have been fully vaccinated and that 14 days have elapsed since they have taken the second dose.

Alternatively, one must have proof of a negative result from a PCR test carried out 72 hours prior to their departure or a negative result from a self-test carried out 24 hours prior. People who have documentary proof of illness will also be permitted to travel.

It is important to note that the above rules and conditions apply to all domestic and foreign travellers over the age of 5. Furthermore, they do not apply to the islands of Lefkada and Evia.

Further easing of restrictions

On 17 May, children will be allowed to return to kindergartens. Summer cinemas will begin operating on 21 May and outdoor cultural spaces will open on 28 May. Restaurants will reportedly remain without music throughout the entire month.

From June, the number of guests at weddings and baptisms will increase to a maximum of 100. However, these events will be required to take place outdoors.



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