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Lower Austria brings children closer to culture

Lower Austria brings children closer to culture

Kultur4kids helps children and parents enjoy cultural events during lockdown

In Lower Austria, a new online platform - Kultur4Kids - is presented to children and their parents at a time when, due to the global pandemic, lots of families are looking for new ways of learning and entertainment. The platform is equipped with podcasts and activities on different topics and will bring kids closer to the cultural offerings of the state.

The new website lists a colourful collection of exhibitions and excursion destinations that allows them to have cultural experiences, particularly during the Easter holidays. It is the first cultural podcast for children in German-speaking countries and it is designed for children up to 12 years old.

Governor Johanna Mikl-Leitner (ÖVP) expressed her opinion on the initiative: “Due to the current situation, families and our children are looking even more than usual for meaningful leisure activities. And the fact is that we in Lower Austria have a great and diverse range of cultural and leisure activities for young and old, and especially for children.”

Tips for children and their parents to boost creativity

The initiative invites children to actively participate in games, puzzles to play and various crafting ideas are also available for download. In addition, the podcast offers a lot of tips for parents on how to encourage their children's creativity.

The so-called “Kulturkompass” allows young users and their parents to search the wide range of offers, sort them based on personal preferences or particular genres, and then choose individually tailored programmes. The current cultural programme of Lower Austria includes companies that provide daily updates that can be accessed digitally without restriction.

Each week, a podcast will be released and posted on the website. Furthermore, in April, all Lower Austrian families will receive the Kultur4kids brochure, which will explain the cultural offerings of the region for children in greater detail.

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