Luxembourg City residents feel that the area around the main railway station has become increasingly unsafe, Source: Depositphotos

Luxembourg City residents plan a protest against train station area crime

Luxembourg City residents plan a protest against train station area crime

This will be the second such protest in four months

This Saturday, 3 February, there is a citizen’s initiative to organize a protest march in Luxembourg City to call on authorities to do something more effective about the rising crime rates in the central train station area (La Gare).

The residents feel that the safety factor in this area of the Grand Duchy’s capital has been steadily declining for years and numerous complaints have alluded to the street drug trade taking place there, in addition to squatting, prostitution, theft and assaults.

The demonstrators want to remind the new national government about its promises to do something about the crime issues, such as the pledge to create a dedicated municipal police force. Despite the general unsafety near the Gare, residents claim that even increasing patrols is not enough to make a lasting change. They argue that the police reconnaissance teams should not just be there on occasion but “24/7”, according to Luxembourg Times.

The feeling is that authorities’ attention on street begging is misplaced

If it goes as planned, this will be the second such demonstration in about four months. The previous one took place ahead of the country’s parliament elections in October. It was meant to use the moment to raise a concern that is important for residents, however, now the feeling is that politicians might have just paid attention to it because they were trying to gain votes.

The citizens feel that “nothing has improved” and the new march is meant to be a wake-up call to the government. Many are also disappointed that the authorities have instead decided to focus on street begging in the shopping area and much of the police resources end up being tied up to enforce this controversial ban. Unfortunately, that means that there are fewer officers to patrol the more problematic area near the train station.

The residents are also calling for more social services that would take a therapeutic approach to drug addicts in the area.



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