M1 corridor in Ireland, Source: M1 Corridor

M1 Corridor for an investment-ready region in Ireland

M1 Corridor for an investment-ready region in Ireland

The Belfast-Dublin route as an innovative hub for startups, technology, and research development

This corridor connects two of Ireland's largest cities - Belfast and Dublin. At the same time, it has become a place for investment and innovation and a thriving economic centre. It is characterized by excellent infrastructure and innovation hubs along its route.

Examples of these are the Mill Enterprise Hub (co-working space for start-ups in Drogheda), the Regional Development Center (Dundalk Institute of Technology) and Netwell CASALA (better quality of life and well-being for the elderly).

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Towards an investment-ready region

The motto of the initiative is “Investment Ready Region”. What does this mean?

The main objective of the initiative is to harness the huge potential of young, educated and talented people (2.25 million) who live in the region to boost economic growth and create new, innovative and technological solutions for improving people's lives.

The region was not randomly selected. The infrastructure is one of the best. There are 3 international airports that provide an easy connection between Ireland and the world. Road and rail infrastructure are also excellent and the existence of 4 ports only adds to the connectivity of the region.

It is also known as a place where startups thrive. Here they find a good environment for development and receive the support they need. In addition to the aforementioned, other centres of innovation and technological development that are of indispensable assistance for start-ups are:

  • Regional Development Centre (DkIT)
  • The Mill Enterprise Centre
  • Creative Spark
  • Oriel Hub
  • Louth LEO
  • IDA North East
  • Enterprise Ireland
  • Drogheda Chamber of Commerce
  • Dundalk Chamber of Commerce

Some of the best examples of the services offered and the economic status of the area are as follows:

  • Financial Services - a concentration of companies offering IFS can be found along the corridor.
  • Digital Technology - Ireland is in the top ten of countries offering a good environment for innovation. In this region, Dublin and Belfast, one can find some of the largest and best companies in the field of software engineering, communications and digital technologies.
  • Scientific development - Many biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical companies, which are developing the next generation of drugs and treatments ,can also be found here.
  • In terms of environmental protection and new energy technologies, many companies and start-ups can be found along the M1 corridor, which is finding innovative and high-tech solutions to environmental and sustainable energy issues.
  • The food industry is also developing many new technologies in the region. The same is true of engineering companies such as ABB Group and Xerox Europe.

Economic and social development go hand in hand in the region, called the M1 corridor. This is where the present and the future come together and create the technologies that we will use tomorrow.

Of course, this would not be possible without a well-built infrastructure that allows people, goods, and services to move quickly, as well as the right environment for large companies and small startups.



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