Made in Romania connects companies, shareholders, and consultants

'Made in Romania' links businesses, investors, and consultants

'Made in Romania' links businesses, investors, and consultants

The 4th edition of the programme will run until 30 June

The Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) launched the fourth edition of the 'Made in Romania' programme as well as a modern, completely digitalised platform for the project on 22 April 2021. The platform links businesses, investors, and consultants. 'Made in Romania' is also accepting nominations until 30 June for companies to be included in this year's version.

By launching the platform, BVB hopes to completely digitise the programme, allowing entrepreneurs to connect with investors, consultants, and other entrepreneurs registered on the platform.

"Made in Romania is the flagship initiative of the Bucharest Stock Exchange for the growth and promotion of the Romanian entrepreneurial environment. Via Made in Romania, we are creating an ecosystem centred on the Romanian stock exchange, a framework through which local entrepreneurs can promote their businesses and connect with capital providers active in the local market through the use of a modern technological platform,” said Radu Hanga, BVB’s Chairman of the Board.

Local entrepreneurs to promote their businesses

'Made in Romania' is structured in 4 stages. On the website, Romanian entrepreneurs, partners and supporters, employees of Romanian companies, can nominate companies in the first round, which runs until  30 June.

Between May and June of this year, BVB will host regional workshops and webinars for semifinalist companies from previous editions, as well as for companies that have been selected for the current edition or have registered on the platform.

In the second stage, which will take place in July, BVB and members of the Nomination Committee will choose 50 companies from all of the applications received. In the third part, taking place in August, the public can choose one of the 15 finalists from among the 50 semifinalist companies.

The remaining 14 finalists will be selected by a Jury of economic experts from different fields. BVB will announce the 15 selections of this edition at an Awards Gala in September, at the end of the programme.

“Because of the pandemic period, digitalisation is no longer just a viable choice for most companies. This pandemic provided us with the opportunity at the Bucharest Stock Exchange to plan the transfer of the Made in Romania software to the digital realm. We want Made in Romania to be a "one-stop-shop" for entrepreneurs, providing them with access to all of the required development mechanisms,” said Adrian Tanase, CEO of Bucharest Stock Exchange.



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