Port of Funchal in Madeira

Madeira offers Europe’s only tourist green corridor

Madeira offers Europe’s only tourist green corridor

You can head there if you show proof of vaccination or recovery from Covid-19

Now that the number of vaccinated people is slowly but gradually mounting up and the weather is getting warmer many are considering the option of leaving their confines and exploring a new destination. The so-called ‘Covid passports’ are still not a reality, but authorities from the Portuguese island of Madeira are already ahead of the game, offering Europe’s first tourist green corridor.

Since the beginning of March, if you have been vaccinated or have already recovered from Covid-19, and can show documental proof about it, you can freely visit the Atlantic island without the need for PCR tests or quarantine.

All the rest are welcome, too, but upon presenting a negative PCR test result

The government of this island takes tourism seriously, as it is one of the main economic activities there. Reportedly the tourism branch has worked closely with SGS, the world’s leading certification company in order to implement the maximum safety standards and practices across many of the main establishments that receive visitors. Likewise, it was one of the first places to start vaccination, already back in December 2020 and as of 22 March, 16% of the local population has received at least one dose.

Madeirans wants to show its trust in the vaccination process also to the world by welcoming people who can show an official certificate of having received two doses, or that they have recovered from Covid-19. The documents should be validated by an official authority from the visitor’s country and presented in English.

Ideally, the certificates should state the traveller’s name, date of birth, healthcare system ID, vaccine type and dates of both doses. In the case of recovery, the document should have been issued within the preceding 90 days and present the word ‘recovered’ on it. Authorities stated, however, that as long as the documentation is official, even if it is lacking some of the info required it would still be accepted.

Prior to travelling, visitors should submit the documents to Travellers should also keep in mind that there are still current restriction measures in place on Madeira, such as casinos, restaurants and shops having to close at 6 pm and the prohibition of gathering more than 5 people in public places.



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