Madeira Theme Park, Source: Governo Regional de Madeira

Madeira Theme Park is set for a boost

Madeira Theme Park is set for a boost

The unique ethnographic village serves as a treasure chest for local traditions

Madeira is a beautiful and a particular place. An island set somewhere between Europe, Africa and South America, with a culture that reflects the importance of this crossroads location.

Like many contemporary societies, however, old ways of life are gradually eroding and sometimes the communal memory is not enough to sustain how things were in the past. The people of the island have solved this problem with the construction of an ethnographic village, called Madeira Theme Park, not only as a tourist attraction but also as the place where traditions come alive again for the future generations.

That is why, regional authorities have decided to invest some 1.5 million euros towards a reconversion project, which will make the place even more interactive and attractive.

The Madeira Theme Park was opened in 2004 and has been free to visit since 2018

Apart from serving as a repository for the colourful local architecture, such as the so-called Santana typical houses in the shape of a tent and a windmill from Porto Santo, the place offers workshops on traditional crafts. These give visitors the chance to experience firsthand what life was like on the island before modernizations and globalization set their feet there.

That is why the authorities are of the opinion that a place as special as this one needs to maintained and the money that has been slated for it will go not only for upgrading its facilities but also for promotional campaigns that will further raise its image.

The Regional Government invested in this Madeira Theme Park Reconversion Project for recognizing the great value of this infrastructure in cultural terms, as a way of disseminating our customs and traditions, not only to tourists but also to Madeirans and Porto-Santos, since they visit this place every day,” said Pedro Fino, the Regional Minister for Infrastructure.

Christmas is also a special time for the ethnographic park, the way it has always been for all of Madeira. Earlier this week, for example, the village hosted an event called “O Natal Madeirense” (‘The Madeiran Christmas’), which featured and exhibited all the peculiar and unique rituals linked to that holy day on the island.

Among them are the practice of going to Mass at 6:00 in the morning (the so-called missa do galo), the romagens (Christmas carols) and Lapinha (a nativity scene designed to resemble steps). There are, of course, also the elaboration of traditional Christmas cookies and Bolo do Caco bread.



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