The reconstruction project aims to attenuate the busy buzz of the area with greenery, so as to make it more welcoming. , Source: Mesto Trnava

Magic makeover for Zeleny kríček in Trnava

Magic makeover for Zeleny kríček in Trnava

The reconstruction of the rundown area is among the biggest projects launched in this Slovak city in recent years

The reconstruction of the Zeleny kríček (Green Bush) in Trnava has begun. One of the biggest projects undertaken in the western Slovak city in recent years will transform this area beyond recognition, informs the municipal website. 

Like a relic from bygone days

Characterized by busy traffic, dotted by bus stops to the surrounding localities, and resembling rather a neglected suburb of a smaller town, Zeleny kríček looks like a relic enclosed in a time capsule. Now, the city government aims to finally change this, implementing the vision of Bocánovci architertural studio for a modern, attractive and functional space.  

This investment project is part of the reconstruction of the main north-south axis of the city, which runs along Štefánikova street (architectural competition for its overhaul has been announced), the already renovated Hlavná street and through Námestie SNP, the reconstruction of which is pending. The aim is to make this route more attractive for locals and visitors to the city.

Pedestrian area with bike path and greenery

The approximately 254-metre-long section from the Trnávka River to the intersection of Rybníková, Štefániková and Šrobárová streets will be reconstructed. Due to the high traffic load of the section, a complete replacement of the road surface, adjacent sidewalks and paved areas will be carried out, including the modification of the subsoil. New bus stops separated by green islands with benches will be installed. 

A new bicycle path with a footbridge over Trnávka will be added. The pedestrian area will lead through newly planted greenery with more than forty trees, perennials and fountains, and there will also be new pedestrian crossings with barrier-free access and public lighting.

The existing sales stands will be replaced by a central building, which will serve the purpose of commercial space and public toilets. The roof area of this building can be used a viewing terrace open towards the park.

In front of Ján Koniark Gallery, an attractive space with a fountain and seating will be created. This will enable presentations of the gallery's events beyond its fenced area, for example at summer creative workshops for children, exhibitions of budding artists, or open-air photo competitions.

Gateway to the historic centre

Zeleny kríček is a place of contrasts. Lively traffic in contact with the most valuable thing we have in Trnava – the historic core; a border between the former life in the city behind the walls and the outdoor space. Many visitors enter the territory of our free royal city from here, so Zeleny kríček deserves a new look, said Peter Purdeš, head of the urban-architectural concept unit at the municipal Department of Spatial Development, as quoted by the city website.

He was referring to the 1238 decree by King Béla IV which granted free royal privileges to Trnava, the first town in Slovakia to enjoy such a status.



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