Bregenz Festival District, Source: Bregenz municipality

Major construction projects in the 'Bregenz Festival District'

Major construction projects in the 'Bregenz Festival District'

Festival hall and indoor swimming pool with access to Lake Constance

The city of Bregenz, located on the coast of lake Constance in west Austria, plans a major construction project for expanding its “Festival District”. The investment will cost about 120 million euros and will take few years until it is completed.

The renovation will include a festival hall in the city and the rebuilding of an indoor swimming pool. Mayor Michael Ritsch is hoping for grants because the city could not manage such a million-dollar project on its own.

Access to the lake through the sauna facilities

The renovation and expansion of the festival hall have already been decided. The federal and state governments share the costs of 60 million euros, and the city of Bregenz has to raise 7.5 million euros. The grandstand area will be completely renewed, and an extension wing will be built next to the workshop stage. This then will extend to the new indoor pool.

The old indoor swimming pool has to be demolished in the next three years at the latest. The reason for this step is the aging of the building structure. A total of 61 million euros is due to be released for the new construction and renovation of the outdoor pool.

Mayor Ritsch wants to bring the state and surrounding communities on board for the project. According to this, the government should bear 20 percent of the costs and the neighbouring communities 30 percent.

That is because more guests come from neighbouring communities than from Bregenz, as Ritsch explained in his request. The new indoor pool, which is to be built in the area of ​​the current sports fields, is to have two 25-meter pools with different water temperatures for sports and leisure swimmers.

The current sports facilities in the outdoor pool would then be relocated to the place of the old indoor pool. The highlight should be lake access from the sauna area. That is something that has already been implemented a few kilometres away in the neighbouring town of Lindau with its thermal baths.

A new hotel is also to be built on the parking lot in front of the Festspielhaus. The city plans to lease the property to an investor. The necessary decisions are to be made on 15 July at a city council meeting.



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