Becoming a divorced dad might feel a tad less stressful with some digital support, Source: Depositphotos

Malmö app teaches divorced parents how to be good at this

Malmö app teaches divorced parents how to be good at this

Family dissolution can be a stressful time for everyone

The City of Malmö has announced that it gives any adults who are in the process of separation or divorce, or already divorced, access to a specially designed app called SES – Collaboration after divorce. The aim of the new digital tool is to provide support and knowledge in learning how to be a post-separation parent and how to navigate this type of life crisis better.

A free registration is all that is needed. After that, SES users have free access to a wide range of support and information. Among other things, the platform offers factual texts, short films and exercises and tips on how to act in different scenarios.

It's based on academic research

SES was originally developed in Denmark with the collaboration of psychologists and researchers from the University of Copenhagen. Test studies have shown that ex-couples reaching out to the app for help and knowledge have experienced less stress, anxiety and depression compared to divorcing couples who did not use the app.

Different modules on the platform have different focuses and you choose which ones are relevant to your situation and your challenges. Much of the content is about the relationship with the children, for example how parents can interpret the children's signals, how to support the children and communicate at their level,” explains Linnéa Stifors Regjepaj, planning secretary at the labour market and social administration of Malmö.

The digital tool presents itself as a self-help tool that will be useful to anyone going through this painful process. The great thing about it is that it leaves no stone unturned in this complex situation by providing practical advice and exercises for working with oneself, and with your children and also developing cooperation with ex-partner – for instance, on how to create clear agreements regarding custody, accommodation and access and how to avoid the blame game.



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