The dome screen will grant superb viewings to the spectators of the Wisdome, Source: Malmö Municipality

Malmö is building an experience arena with a 360-degree dome screen

Malmö is building an experience arena with a 360-degree dome screen

The Wisdome will be part theatre, part digital lab, part business centre, and an altogether learning environment

The City of Malmö reported that the final touches are being put on its new multi-purpose facility called Wisdome, which is scheduled to be inaugurated on 22-23 April.

Wisdome Malmö will be an experience arena with a theatre, digital labs and learning environments. It should inspire, arouse curiosity and create interest in science, the events of the past and the challenges of the future. With the help of visualizations, its mission will be to make the world, research and social development more understandable to the general public.

The key term here is visualizations. These will be made possible via an innovative 3D 360-degree dome screen akin to a planetarium.

Making science easy to grasp and wondrous to behold

The Wisdome will be part of the House of Technology and Maritime Affairs (Teknikens och sjöfartens hus), formerly the Malmö Museum of Technology. With its visualization technology at the forefront, it will take the visitors to places they could never reach, and let them see what would otherwise be hidden to create an understanding of what is too small, too big, too fast or too slow for humans to understand.

During the beginning of the year, construction work has been in full swing in the court theatre. The screen in the dome is 11.5 meters in diameter and built from 103 aluminium panels assembled with approximately 10,000 rivets. Now the last plate is in place and the 360-degree screen that creates a dome around the visitors has been fully assembled.

When the theatre opens, it will accommodate 58 visitors. What remains in the construction process before Wisdome Malmö can be inaugurated is to install five projectors, which will be able to show productions in 360 degrees and in 3D.

Reportedly, the place will also be used to test new technology, such as VR experiences, new games and software.



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