Malmö Art Gallery, Source: Malmö Konsthall

Malmö is carefully trying to return to life after COVID

Malmö is carefully trying to return to life after COVID

The city will begin gradually opening its major cultural institutions

Public cultural activities in the Swedish city of Malmö have been placed on hold since 24 November 2020 - basically since before the start of the winter. Although much of Europe is in the throes of a third coronavirus wave, the authorities of that city have decided to start reviving the cultural life and pulse there, while considering necessary hygienic standards and planning ahead for eventualities. The opening of major cultural institutions is planned to begin on 29 March.

COVID fatigue is especially prominent in the cultural sector, due to its precarious situation

Speaking in more detail, residents and guests to the city can look forward to once again enjoying the cultural offerings of the following places: parts of Malmö Museums, the Malmö Art Museum and the Malmö Art Gallery. Exhibitions there will be available for viewing, however, authorities have stated that pre-booking will have to be made in order to guarantee a place since the number of visitors at given moments will be likely restricted.

Those who are fans of natural exhibits will probably have to wait a little bit longer since the Aquarium and workshops will remain closed, but Naturum Öresund will open doors on 6 April.

Libraries have operated on a very restricted basis since 7 January and for the foreseeable future will remain to operate under that system, however, there is also a plan for the gradual opening to eventually turn them back into more social meeting and public places, the way they used to be before. Meanwhile, now we can add to that list the Malmö City Archives and the Dawit Isaak Library.

The authorities remind and assure that the openings have been collaborated with the Swedish Public Health Agency and will have to follow its recommendations for social distancing, meaning that each visitor will have to be provided with a minimum of 10 square metres space. Furthermore, there has to be easy access to hand disinfectant, clear markings on the floor to indicate the direction of movement, the restriction of access to small and confined spaces and the limiting of guided tours to 8 people.

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