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Malmö municipal employees will lead by example on matters of sustainable mobility

Malmö municipal employees will lead by example on matters of sustainable mobility

This is part of a new policy adopted by the City Council

Last week, the City Council of Malmö adopted a new meeting and travelling policy for municipal employees which seeks to show a firm commitment to the goal of becoming a climate-neutral city. The new policy in question, which will officially begin to be applied on 1 March, consists of two parts.

On one hand, fewer and more environmentally friendly trips will be implemented by the city’s officials. On the other hand, they will also be able to receive a beneficiary bicycle to be additionally used in their leisure and free time in order to help lessen their overall carbon impact outside of working hours, too.

The digital transformation is also a big part of this

If anything had become clearer during the coronavirus pandemic it was that a lot of official business can be conducted without the need for in-person meetings. That is especially essential in the realms of meeting and conferences, where the online format has become increasingly common. It is also efficient and cost-effective.

And it is better for the environment, as well, since it eliminates the need for travel. Nevertheless, in-person meetings cannot be entirely avoided, but the new policy stipulates that whenever possible a digital format should be preferred.

When travelling is necessary, the guidelines stipulate that alternative and sustainable mode should be chosen whenever possible. For short journeys, this means cycling, walking or taking the bus or train rather than driving or using a taxi. If a car must be used, the policy directs that municipal vehicles which meet environmental standards should be taken instead of personally owned ones.

For longer journeys, such as going to Stockholm, the nation’s capital, employees must opt for trains rather than aeroplanes. Business flights are known to be the largest contributors to the carbon footprint of municipal employees and this is where the change to railway transport would have the most positive outcomes.

Finally, the City Council would like this change in mobility habits to be more encompassing and total, which is why it is providing its employees with benefit bicycles, which can be rented at a discount and then purchased at market value after three years of use or returned to the supplier.

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