One of the first goals of the project was to clean the area, Source: Sostenibilità on Facebook

Malta launches ambitious reafforestation project worth EUR 20 million

Malta launches ambitious reafforestation project worth EUR 20 million

It seeks to transform the previously neglected Inwadar National Park by planting 50,000 trees

Last week, the Maltese Ministry of Energy Enterprise and Sustainable Development announced the launch of a large afforestation project which will convert the abandoned Inwadar National Park into one of the biggest green lungs in the country. The ministry will reportedly invest EUR 20 million over five years, transforming the 315,000 square-metre park in Marsaskala into a green oasis by planting 50,000 trees.

Parks Malta has already begun carrying out preparatory work, cleaning up the park and drawing up the management plan for the project. General Manager of Parks Malta Adrian Attard commented on this, sharing that the organisation should complete the plan by the end of the month. The plan, according to Attard, would help realise the regeneration of the land and boost biodiversity.

Appointing a steering committee

In a press release, the ministry revealed that it has appointed a steering committee responsible for advancing the project. This committee reportedly consists of representatives from various bodies, including Parks Malta, the Inwadar Governance Board, and the agricultural sector. Together, these members will work to create a strategy for the project, setting goals and ensuring that they are met on time.

Chair of the Inwadar Governance Board Dr Steve Borg discussed the project's progress, revealing that important goals have already been met. Giving concrete examples of completed tasks, he pointed to the strengthening of CCTV monitoring and the cleaning of the beach. According to Dr Borg, these actions have already attracted more visitors to the previously neglected park. 

"It is an ambitious but feasible project and we will see it carried out. We want this park to be accessible and enjoyed by everyone, including families and young people who come to visit it,” shared the Minister of Energy Enterprise and Sustainable Development, Miriam Dalli.



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