The multisensory room, Source: Esplora on Facebook

Malta opens a multisensory room in Kalkara

Malta opens a multisensory room in Kalkara

It will offer people with physical, cognitive and sensory disabilities a calming environment

On 17 May, Malta’s Interactive Science Centre Esplora in Kalkara officially unveiled its first multisensory chamber. Featuring specialised equipment, the room will provide people with physical, cognitive, and sensory disabilities with a calming environment that can stimulate mental activity and allow them to safely explore their senses.

What does the room feature?

According to Esplora, the new chamber features a comfortable waterbed, pressure seating, and a state-of-the-art interactive floor projector. In addition to this, the room also has fibre optic lighting, comfortable beam bags, ceiling projections, relaxing sounds, and calming scents.

Put together, all of these objects and features create a soothing, multi-purpose environment. What is more, all the lights, sounds, and projections in the room can be changed depending on the preferences of each visitor to ensure that they have the perfect environment. 

Minister for Education, Sport, Youth, Research and Innovation Clifton Grima – who inaugurated the chamber alongside other officials – praised the creation of the room, noting:

“This multisensory room is an important means for everyone to develop their full potential, and such devices and equipment help not only in the development of learning but also an exercise in inclusiveness. Multisensory therapy offers children and adults with sensory difficulties the opportunity to learn, socialise and enjoy a variety of sensory experiences.”

Parliamentary Secretary Keith Azzopardi Tanti echoed Minister Grima’s statement, sharing that such projects lead to the creation of a more inclusive society. Taking this further, Tanti also underlined the role of research and innovation, sharing that it can help improve the lives of those who have “so far been left behind due to some form of disability”. 

It is important to note that the Bank of Valletta supported the creation of Esplora’s multisensory chamber. As such, the centre’s visitors will not have to pay an extra fee to use the interactive space.



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