Minister for the Environment Miriam Dalli at the inaugural ceremony for Project Green , Source: Project Green

Malta to invest 700 million in green spaces until 2030

Malta to invest 700 million in green spaces until 2030

The Newly established Project Green agency has the mandate to plant 7,500 trees and shrubs in the next 12 months

Yesterday, Maltese authorities announced the creation of the Project Green agency which is supposed to handle one of the biggest green investments in the country. The government has pledged 700 million euros in the next 7 years.

The goal of the organisation will be to increase and revitalise green spaces on the island of Malta and Gozo, giving all citizens access to nature and green recreational spaces a short walk away from their homes, wherever they live.

According to an official statement, the first milestone for 2023 would be to plant 7,500 trees and shrubs, which are supposed to be financed through investments from the private sector.

Community engagement – at the heart of the project

Minister for the Environment Miriam Dalli was quoted in an official statement, explaining that community engagement would be at the heart of the project. This is because most of the green expansions would involve neighbourhoods and localities, where local authorities and discussion can produce the best results based on local needs.

The green spaces Project Green plans to realise include large open spaces, but also small spaces, afforestation and support for different organisations and actors in the sector. The milestone set for 2023 is 7,500 trees and shrubs planted in the next 12 months.

The newly announced CEO of Project Green, Steve Ellul, explained that the project will be trying to improve the islands' quality of life, with a particular focus on Maltese village cores and the development of green lungs for urban centres.

Furthermore, he pointed out that the agency will be focused on making existing green spaces more accessible while creating many new ones to lower noise and air pollution.



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