COVID-19 memorial garden in Paola, Source: Maltese Government

Malta unveils a COVID-19 memorial garden in Paola

Malta unveils a COVID-19 memorial garden in Paola

The country recorded its first case of the virus two years ago, in March 2020

On 16 March, the Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister of Malta, Chris Fearne, inaugurated a COVID-19 memorial garden in Paola. There, citizens will be able to reflect on the events that have transpired since the outbreak of the pandemic and remember the ones they lost to the virus.

In a press release, Fearne shared that the pandemic has impacted everyone in one way or another as some have lost their jobs, changed their lifestyles, and parted with loved ones. However, those who have made the biggest sacrifices were the ones who spent weeks and months fighting for their lives in hospitals.

“We will keep these people alive in our memories, in the minds and in the hearts of our loved ones and from today, we will be keeping them alive through this garden,” Fearne explained. 

covid memorial garden maltaChris Fearne at the COVID memorial garden (Source: Maltese Government)

Remembering the past two years

Two years ago, at the beginning of March 2020, Malta recorded its first case of the Coronavirus. From there, it started to introduce strict measures to ensure the protection of its citizens and residents. Despite the restrictions, however, the country registered its first COVID-related death on 8 April.

Following this, the government began to heavily invest in strengthening its health sector by improving its laboratories and hospital wards as well as purchasing protective equipment and ventilators, among others. A few months later, on 26 December 2020, the first COVID vaccines arrived in the country. Since then, Malta has reportedly administered over 1,250,000 vaccines. 

The COVID-19 memorial garden will allow people to look back at the events of the past two years and think of their loved ones. Having planted more than 500 trees, the government will ensure that the garden will soon become a green oasis that offers serenity and peace.



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