María Gómez, Source: Municipality of Almoradi

María Gómez: “A girl does not have to give up anything to succeed”

María Gómez: “A girl does not have to give up anything to succeed”

On the International Women’s Day, we speak with the Mayor of Almoradi, Spain. Find more about what motivates her

Do you feel like the voice of women in politics is valued sufficiently in critical conversations today?

I do not believe so. The number of women who occupy high and leading positions worldwide is scarce.

Despite being governance sometimes, women in general are still a minority in decision-making teams. Therefore, I think that the most important decisions for the future of the planet continue to be made by men.

I believe that the day in which the voice of the woman is heard more, the world will become a better place, because the decisions will be more human.

What advice would you give to young women, willing to become successful in the workplace or business?

I would advise a young woman to work hard and never give up. I would tell her that she can perfectly reconcile work and family life. That if she wishes she can have children and educate them perfectly and she will never be a bad mother, but quite the opposite. And although it may seem hard, and at times it is hard indeed, she does not have to give up anything in life. She can do everything.

What is the balance between intuition and reasoning in your work?

Well, I think it would be around 70% reasoning and 30% intuition. It is true that the intuition or "the sixth sense" that we women have is almost always quite right, especially so that the decisions are a little more correct.

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