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Maribor renovates city park with European funds

Maribor renovates city park with European funds

The Slovene municipality is taking care of the places used for healthy leisure

Maribor will be renovating one of its most popular public spaces – the city's main park and its promenade – with EU funds. The Slovene municipality announced on its website on Monday that it has successfully applied for European funding to improve the walkability of the park, and to make it more attractive for locals and tourists alike.

Creating the conditions for a quality time among nature

Maribor has obtained financial contribution from the European Regional Development Fund and another contribution of 579 000 euros from the state budget for the project entitled "Renovation of the promenade in the City Park". The remaining funds to the total amount of 3.62 million euros will come from the ERDF.

The project activities preview the replacement of the existing floors, stairs, curbside elements, plumbing and electrical installation on a total surface of 10 hectares. Furthermore, the fountain and plantings within the promenade area will also be renovated.

The City Park of Maribor (Mestni Park), located along the Drava River is already a highly popular strolling and meeting area. Part of its greenery is over 140 years old and since 1976 the area has been protected as a landscape monument, as the tourist website of Maribor informs.

That is why the promenade of Mestni Park will be renovated with respect to the natural and cultural heritage of the place. In particular, project activities will be conducted in accordance with the Institute for Cultural Heritage of Slovenia and the Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Protection and with respect to the way it was originally designed.

The interior of the City Park will not be affected by the restoration works, the authorities further point out and promise to offer a renewed promenade at some point this year.

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