Massive tree-planting initiative on its way in Glasgow

Massive tree-planting initiative on its way in Glasgow

Over 20,000 trees will be planted in the southern part of the city as part of its efforts to combat climate change

A new project supported by the Glasgow City Council and the Green Action Trust is set to completely transform a piece of former pasture land located on the southern edge of the city. The initiative will see the planting of some 20,000 trees in an area of around 21 football pitches, thus creating a brand-new forested region that would connect Glasgow’s ancient woodland with its newer parks.

Taking action during a climate emergency

The new trees will be planted near the Cart and Kittoch Valley Site where ancient woodlands have been preserved and protected since the 1750 and will connect it to the newer woods at the Cathkin Braes Country Park.

Once the newly planted trees begin to mature, the City Council will then proceed with installing and creating paths across the vast forested area that would connect neighbouring communities. Right now, however, the project is in its preparatory stages with local authorities erecting fences meant to prevent deer from eating the planted saplings, around the area that will undergo forestation.

Once they have fully bloomed, the new trees representing 9 distinct species, will be able to reach heights of over 15 metres. They will then help for the creation of a brand-new habitat that would allow new flora and fauna to blossom in the area around Glasgow.

Commenting on the forestation efforts, Councillor Anna Richardson, City Convener for Sustainability and Carbon Reduction, stated that "Our woodlands are a huge asset, providing space for recreation and a natural haven within the city environment. Throughout the Covid crisis, our open spaces have been greatly appreciated and so it is vitally important we cultivate these places for future generations to use as much as possible.

"But with the council also declaring a climate and ecological emergency, preserving and enhancing our open spaces also has a practical purpose. Creating a new woodland at Cart and Kittoch will help to support some of the thousands of species that exist in Glasgow, but will also add to our carbon reduction efforts.”



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