Colmar is cerfitied as one of the most flower-abundant places in France, Source: Depositphotos

Mayor of Colmar: Pour leftover drinks to save flowers from drought

Mayor of Colmar: Pour leftover drinks to save flowers from drought

Eric Straumann appealed to local restaurant businesses and citizens to step in, facing the ban on watering due to the extreme drought

France is experiencing extreme heatwaves and drought right now. In view of this, almost the entire territory of the country was placed in a state of drought alert last month, which restricts or forbids entirely the use of water for non-essential purposes.

Colmar, one of the most flower-abundant towns in the country and a European Best Destination for 2020, sadly entered the list of territories where the restrictions apply. Unable to take action to legally protect the unique beauty of his territory, the Mayor of Colmar adopted an unusual approach: appeal to local businesses and citizens to land a hand (or rather, a glass of water).

Efficient water management is not enough

Eric Straumann yesterday called in a Facebook post to restaurant owners and their clients to pour all leftover and clean water into the gardens and flower meadows in Colmar. This includes the water from ice buckets, carafe bottoms, and the water used for washing vegetables. The mayor believes this will do well in relieving the drought situation and preserving the freshness of the green bed of Colmar.

He pointed out the fact that a meeting of a water resource committee the same day did not help to move the situation forward, by denying a derogation from the order. This, despite all parties “understanding the absurdity of the situation”. By absurdity, the mayor meant the fact that a nearby municipality, supplied by the same well, is allowed to water plants, while in Colmar this is prohibited.

Hence, while waiting for a decision by the Prefecture on whether this is legal, he called on locals to take action to protect the flowers in the tourist destination.

According to the mayor, quoted by local media, thanks to efficient techniques, Colmar needs only 15 cubic metres of water to flower plants daily, which is a negligible quantity for a city of 70 000 inhabitants. He further pointed out the importance of flowers to protect the local ecosystem and bees.



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