The municipality plans to be carbon neutral in 2045, Source: Ayman Elkandoussi / Unsplash

Mechelen cut 33% of energy consumption thanks to new measures this cold season

Mechelen cut 33% of energy consumption thanks to new measures this cold season

The anti-crisis efforts in the Winterplan retained around 280,000 euros in the city coffers

This week, authorities in Mechelen, Belgium, announced that since September, the municipality has been able to save around 280,000 euros due to energy-saving measures. Additionally, local authorities have been able to reduce energy consumption by an impressive 33% on average between November and January.

According to the city, energy savings measures have helped enormously during the gas crisis and have opened up more opportunities for reducing carbon emissions. Authorities want to reach carbon neutrality by 2045 and according to Alderman for Energy Patrick Princen.

The savings plan

The city of Mechelen was able to save around 280,000 euros on energy bills during the November-January period due to its so-called Winterplan. The plan aimed to reduce energy consumption in the municipal property as much as possible.

It included 12 measures like lowering the temperature in public buildings, dimming the street lighting at night or stopping the water fountains in the city. This led to an average reduction of 33% for the whole period, however, it varied from month to month and building to building.

As the VRT reported, Alderman Princen explained that it was within 30% to 50%, yet that was still a very satisfying result.

The Winterplan can help the city to save on carbon emissions

City officials in Mechelen explained that the city needs to reduce carbon emissions by 40% by 2030 and reach 0% by 2045. The Winterplan can thus help authorities visualise a path to that goal differently to justify costly investments in green energy.

Indeed, oftentimes the municipal space available for installing green energy is quite limited and would not serve to satisfy all the energy demands. In turn, using other measures like efficient heaters, insulation and smart lighting plans could lead to substantial carbon cuts through more efficient use.  



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