Merida Council inflates aid for school supplies this autumn

Merida Council inflates aid for school supplies this autumn

The measure is seen as a necessary response to post-corona realities

The Executive Council of the Extremaduran capital took the decision this week to offer more aid for the upcoming school year to students who might face difficulties in September. The budget for this program is estimated at EUR 40 000, which is double the amount when compared to last year.

Support which props up students and small shop owners

This aid comes in addition to grants that are given annually to students in need. This time, however, the scope of possible beneficiaries will be widened.

In previous years, children attending kindergarten (between 3 and 6 years of age or Segundo Ciclo de Educación Infantil of the Spanish educational system) used to be the main beneficiaries. Now, things will stand on a more equal footing as students up until the age of 16 (the limit for obligatory education) will be able to apply for one-off grants of EUR 70.

Susana Fajardo, the city Councilor for Education, explained that it may happen that more applications than expected are approved. In that case, the budget will be re-evaluated and redistributed on a proportional basis with a view to helping everyone.

Municipal assistance is also seen as a show of support for small stationery store owners who will be able to apply and participate in the program. This will guarantee income stability for them when the school year begins.

Financial aid is slated for low income families who earn between EUR 626.63 and EUR 1178.06, also taking into account the size of the household. Candidates can apply from today until 23 July. Preliminary list of approved beneficiaries will be posted on 13 August, with the final list coming out on 31 August.

The next deadline will be 11 September by which time the aid recipients can submit the store invoices for approval by the authorities. They will then have until the end of September to collect their school supplies at the stores.



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