The renovated glass dome of Galleria del Corso, Source: Rete IRENE

Milan's Galleria del Corso gets renovated for its centennial anniversary

Milan's Galleria del Corso gets renovated for its centennial anniversary

It’s one of the several iconic arcade shopping centres of the Italian city

Galleria del Corso, one of Milan’s heritage arcade shopping promenades, has gotten a facelift, just in time for its 100th birthday. The alley covered with glass-domed ceilings has been undergoing renovation works since 2012, which have included floor tiling replacement, façade restoration, glass ceiling replacement and consolidation of the metal structure of the octagon roof.

Galleria del Corso is one of the five such arcade shopping alleys modelled after the 19th century Galleria Vitorio Emmanuele II and built in the interwar period. That type of architecture has become a classical symbol of Milan and is a favourite with visitors.

That’s why it was imperative for the city government to restore its grandeur and prestige through extensive renovation efforts. The company in charge of the renovation project was Trivella Srl.

Restoring the splendour of heritage

Reportedly, the biggest challenge in the renovation process of the gallery, which connects Piazza Beccaria with Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, was the restoration of the iron and glass roof. In that section, some 1,420 pieces of glass were replaced, each of which was different in size and design. 

The venue's history shows that it’s always been a favourite spot of the Milanese. In the 1960s the gallery hosted numerous cinemas and theatres, including the Cinema Corso, the Teatro Corso and the Teatro Manzoni. In the 1970s and 1980s, it became a meeting place for young people, who frequented it for shopping and nightlife.

However, according to officials, the transformation of Galleria del Corso is not yet completed. There are new developments in the books, with a view to making it an even more attractive public spot.

Some projects currently underway concern the creation of a green area inside and the installation of contemporary works of art.



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