The Baggio Pavilion - project rendition, Source: Milan Municipality

Milanese library extends outwards

Milanese library extends outwards

This will be done with the creation of a multi-purpose pavilion and a square

Almost a hundred years ago the district of Baggio was a separate community until it was merged with the approaching metropolis in 1923. It still sits in its western periphery and as this article shows, forward-thinking developments also happen in the fringes of the European cities and not only in their central areas.

Local residents have decided, as part of a participatory budget, to upgrade the local district library by turning it into a space not just for studying but also for communal socialization for youngsters and outdoor reading. Furthermore, Milan’s official website reported that a pavilion building and a square (to be called Piazza dei Saperi) are expected to be completed during the summer (by the end of July), as part of the wishes in the participatory budget. What used to be a parking lot will soon become a place of culture, inclusion and socialization.

At the end of the month, the authorities will issue a call for the management of the new facility

The piazza will serve as a communal spot and the linking space between the library and pavilion, in a way extending the purpose of the library out of its immediate perimeter. The square will extend over a space of 230 square metres.

As for the Baggio Pavilion, it will feature a sleek and modern design that will comply with the principles of energy efficiency thanks to the installation of photovoltaic panels on its southern wall.

It will be a space that could serve a variety of purposes for the benefit of the local community. What those exact purposes will be will become clearer once its management has been awarded to a winning organization. The call for receiving proposals will open at the end of April.

The proposals should be in the sociocultural, educational or aggregative fields and should not be planned for more than a decade. The budget set aside for this call is reportedly 1.4 million euros.



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