Automotive Park - project rendering, Source: Municipality of Modena

Modena turns a foundry into a business incubator

Modena turns a foundry into a business incubator

An addition fit for the Italian Motor Valley

The Municipality of Modena, which is part of a development consortium, reported earlier this week that it has assigned a section of the former Modena Foundry to be converted into an “Automotive Park” project. This will be in essence an incubator space for the generation of innovative ideas by start-ups as well as their acceleration and growth.

The name of the incubator lab refers to the ambition to have it play host to companies involved in the machinery and automotive industries which, as is well-known, represent a large and important share of the economies of Modena and the Region of Emilia Romagna. In fact, the area that spans along the Po River has been dubbed the Motor Valley and this is where many of the luxury car brands (such as Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini) call home.

Sports cars enthusiasts are likely familiar with Motor Valley

Reportedly, both the Municipality and Emilia Romagna will contribute funds to the effort, with the portion of the regional government coming up to 800 000 euros. The regional authorities are looking into the revitalization of the province of Modena and its industrial sectors with the aim of equipping them for the future with research laboratories, business incubators and co-working spaces.

Sector 2 A from the former foundry has been slated for the "Automotive Park", a redeveloped area of ​​1375 square meters will be made available to the activities. The project involves the consolidation of the existing structures and the trusses, however, the roof will be demolished and rebuilt. The Modena municipal website explained that the cladding material, which consists of a perforated metal mesh and the sides of the lantern, which rises above the level of the sheds, will remain glazed.

The main entrance will be on the north side and will open onto a hall. Flexible and modular open space offices, meeting and conference rooms will be built between the ground and first floors.

As a result, what seemed like a facility in a state of disrepair will become a repurposed industrial heritage space.



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