Making Petralia Soprana your home seems appealing, Source: Depositphotos

Moving to this Sicilian town can earn you 5,000 euros

Moving to this Sicilian town can earn you 5,000 euros

Petralia Soprana still retains that flavour of the South that you might have considered lost

One of Italy’s and Sicily’s most beautiful villages – Petralia Soprana – has dipped below 3,000 residents and would like to stem the tide of depopulation afflicting it. There are over 50 uninhabited houses there and the local authorities would like to see the town get livelier by offering grants of up to 5,000 euros to people who choose to move there and make the town their domicile.

The local council of the charming town is giving wannabe residents the option to apply by 10 May 2023, so you best hurry up after reading this article. Reportedly, the application goes through contacting the town council of Petralia Soprana directly and expressing interest.

However, keep in mind that their website is only in Italian, thus language may be a barrier. There are no indications about citizenship requirements for the new residents but fluency in Italian might be an implied necessity.

Hurry up and apply today

In order to be considered for the grant, though, applicants will have to acquire and/or renovate a local property in order to show that they mean business. The grant in question aims to cover up to 75% of eligible costs.

Petralia Soprana is one of Italy's most picturesque settlements because of its hilltop elevation on a ridge. From the twisting lanes between the medieval stone houses, one can see all across the misty valley below and the smoke-covered peak of Mount Etna. Close by in Palermo are some truly breathtaking buildings in the Arab-Norman style, which have been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The rhythm of life in Petralia Soprana is quaint, as can be expected, although traditions are kept very much alive with the holding of various annual events and celebrations. Among them is a food fair dedicated to lentils.



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