Limassol municipal dog park, Source: Facebook

Municipal dog park opens in Limassol

Municipal dog park opens in Limassol

For safety reasons, aggressive and ailing dogs as well as puppies are not allowed inside

To cater to the needs of the increasing number of dog owners in Limassol, the municipality has created a specialised dog park, reports CyprusMail. Located in Zakakiou, the public amenity is spread over 8,000 square metres in an area with grass and trees, and is equipped with dog training facilities such as ramps, tunnels and the like.   

The municipality said the park was planned and implemented in consultation with animal rights NGOs and state veterinarians. Some potential visitors, however, are complaining in Facebook about confusing rules introduced for the park. For example, the dog park will be closed on Thursdays, and the opening hours (from 9am-5pm in November-April and 9am-7pm in May-October) will leave it beyond reach of most full-time employees.  

Aggressive breeds not allowed

The dog park is split into three sections: A – open space with dog toys (leash required); B – open space for dogs on a leash and C – open space for dogs without a leash. Dog walkers must be at least 15 years old, take responsibility for their dog’s behaviour, use leashes where required and prevent dog fouling. They will also need to keep their dogs’ medical passports close at hand.

Apparently for safety reasons, the park is off-limits to a number of breeds: Pit Bulls, American Pit Bulls, Japanese Tosca, Dogo Argentino and Fila Brazileiro. Access is also denied to dogs which are ill, have an aggressive temper or are still being nursed.

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