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Municipal employees in Pomerania receive e-scooters

Municipal employees in Pomerania receive e-scooters

They were delivered to 10 municipalities in the Polish region, as part of an EU-funded project

Last week, 10 municipalities in Pomerania, Poland received electric scooters, as part of the cities.multimodal project, which is funded under the European programme Interreg Baltic Sea Region. The campaign aims to make office employees interested in this form of moving around the city for work and inspire them to make it a regular part of their lifestyle.

Mobile Office, Active Officials

The handover of e-scooters as part of the Mobile Office - Active Official campaign took place on July 22, at the Energa Gdańsk Stadium, reports the municipality of Gdansk. Representatives of 10 city offices attended the event. Each of them received one e-scooter for an indefinite period of time to bring to his administration and tested it on the spot.

The scooter models are foldable, so they can be easily transported by bus or train. The trips are made using a dedicated application that will count the kilometres travelled, which will enable the calculation of the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Inspiring change

“Of course, we are aware that one electric scooter in the case of medium and large offices, which have several branches in the city, will not meet the demand for a cheap, convenient and ecological means of transport” - Rafał Glazik, secretary-general of the Polish Active Mobility Union was quoted saying for He explained that the campaign wants to provoke the interest of office employees in this form of transport and give them the chance to see whether it is convenient for them to move around the city or the commune during work this way.

Based on the experience gained, municipal employees should be able to make a rational decision whether it is worth considering the purchase of an e-scooter as a work vehicle in the future, as an interesting alternative for active mobility for those who do not like riding a bike using public transport.

The campaign Mobile Office - Active Official is carried out as part of the cities.multimodal project which aims to introduce pilot solutions to combine different means of transport.

According to Glazik, the biggest transport problem is the so-called "Last mile", or the distance that has to be covered from the last public transport stop to the entrance of the destination. Shared solutions like scooters, bikes or cars, can be an easy and sustainable way to do this.

The e-scooters went to Gdańsk, Gdynia, Pruszcz Gdański, Tczew, the city and municipality of Nowy Staw, municipality of Nowy Dwór Gdański, municipality and town of Cedry Wielkie, of Trąbki Wielkie, municipality of Stare Pole, municipality of Ustka and to Gdańskie Buses and Trams Gdansk (as a supporting member of the PUMA association).



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