Rescuers following an earthquake

Municipalities join forces following 5.8-magnitude earthquake in Crete

Municipalities join forces following 5.8-magnitude earthquake in Crete

Schools will be closed until all buildings are deemed safe to operate

At 9:17 am on 27 September, an earthquake measuring 5.8 on the Richter scale shook the Greek island of Crete. This strong seismic vibration, paired with a series of aftershocks, took the life of one and injured several others.

In a press release, the government announced that it will monitor the situation on Greece’s largest island and assist local authorities in repairing the damage and dealing with adverse consequences. As such, the Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection Christos Stylianidis visited the island of Crete alongside other bodies to assess the situation and extent of destruction.

Speaking to local media, Stylianidis explained that certain areas such as the villages around Arkalochori are more gravely impacted as the houses and buildings there are older. In such locations, tents will be set up to provide shelter for the affected families who are not safe at home.

Closing schools

Several hours after the devasting earthquake, the Deputy Regional Governor of Heraklion Nikos Syrigonakis declared that the Region of Crete has decided to suspend the operation of nursery schools, kindergartens, and primary and secondary schools.

Educational institutions will remain closed on Tuesday and Wednesday as safety inspections will take place. Operation of the establishments will resume only after all buildings are deemed safe.

Municipalities offer support

In a press release, the Mayor of Heraklion Vassilis Lambrinos addressed citizens, urging them to stay calm and assuring them that no serious damage has currently been reported. Taking action, Lambrinos convened a meeting with several deputy mayors, visited various areas to assess the condition of the municipality’s buildings, and contacted other mayors to offer assistance.

“I call on the citizens to remain calm and careful and to follow all the instruction for corresponding situations. We are ready to face any problem that may arise and at the same time, we are next to the other municipalities of the prefecture, mainly the Municipality of Minoa-Pediados, to provide any assistance needed,” Lambrinos assured.

Similarly, the Mayor of Chania Panagiotis Simandirakis released a statement, offering assistance and support to neighbouring municipalities. Addressing Crete’s inhabitants, Simandirakis first offered condolences on behalf of the municipality to the family of the man who lost his life. Moreover, he wished a speedy recovery to those who have suffered injuries.

“The municipality of Chania is here to assist the affected areas, while we are in constant communication with both the Region of Crete and the local municipalities for any support they need,” Simandirakis shared.

Beyond this, the Mayor of Chania noted that the Regional Directorate of Education of Crete has advised all educational establishments to remain shut until the damage is assessed. According to him, school buildings in Chania are in good condition and can resume operation from tomorrow, 28 September.



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