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Murcia Regional Library joins the struggle against misinformation

Murcia Regional Library joins the struggle against misinformation

The institution will organize a roundtable to be broadcast on its YouTube channel

This Saturday, 24 October, will be the International Day of Libraries and to commemorate the occasion the Murcia Regional Library has decided to organize a round table on the topic of misinformation and fake news – one of the defining features of our times. The round table, called “Hoaxes – another pandemic. The library as an anti-bias resource”, will be broadcast tomorrow, 23 October, at 19:30 (CET) on the YouTube channel of the library.

It is not only up to the media to counteract false information

The Regional Library is dependent on the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Government of the Murcia autonomous region in Spain. It is located in the central area of the City of Murcia, however, you do not have to be there in person to watch the intellectual debate since it will be broadcast live on YouTube.

Several experts have been invited to speak at the round table, among them: Juan Soto Ivars, a writer and columnist for the El Confidencial, Juan Jesús Botí, a historian and specialist in the verification of historical facts, and Margarita Tortosa, a chemist and professor at the IES José Planes de Murcia, who is involved in exposing scientific hoaxes.

The selection of these people was not random, since each of them represents the kind of constant work that goes in tearing down false information in different fields, respectively the media, academia and science.

The event is organized with the idea of reminding viewers that libraries are the original home of facts and truth and in times like these it is important to know that we can always rely on them to continue serving in this role.

The debate is expected to touch on topics, such as the spread of fake news on social media, tools and methods for verifying the facts and public libraries as a resource against the different varieties of misinformation.

The video of the debate will have a sign language interpreter and will remain on the channel as a resource for future viewing and reference.



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