The provocative stunt did a good job at highlighting the connection between the gas crisis and the price of pizza, Source: Unsplash

Naples pizzeria added a “gas contribution” to customer bill (as a provocation)

Naples pizzeria added a “gas contribution” to customer bill (as a provocation)

It was meant to clearly show how the surging energy prices are hitting the hospitality sector in Italy

The owner of a historic pizzeria in Naples has decided to bring attention to the unbearable energy prices punching his business in a way that’s found some viral popularity. He added gas, energy and rent contributions as separate items on a receipt as a way to make it visible how the energy price hikes have affected the operation of his restaurant, and from there the price of his pizzas.

Initially, the story was picked up and misrepresented by the media as an example of business malpractice. The pizzeria management, however, posted a clarification on their Facebook profile yesterday explaining that the receipt photo was just a “provocation” and a tool to generate debate and solidarity with local SMEs. The picture of the receipt had also been removed.

The connection between gas and pizza is visible

Pizzeria Gorizia (on Via Bernini) has been operating in the City of Naples for more than a hundred years serving its tasty creations. But contemporary realities are threatening its survival much like they are for other food establishments due to the wild energy price surges.

Salvatore Grasso, the owner of the pizzeria, as quoted in Il Riformista, explained that last year he would pay 2,500 euros for gas and electricity per month but this July he was suddenly served a utility bill of 8,300 euros – more than 300% increase!

He was faced with the difficult and unpleasant decision of having to raise the prices of his pizzas (about 12%) but also felt that his customers might not understand why this is happening. Following complaints from diners, he decided to try this provocative art performance (of sorts) to bring attention to his plight and to hopefully shed some light on the hardships that the small business owners are undergoing.

Mr Grasso explained that the receipt was not real and not served to customers, since if he actually added gas and electricity as separate items he would have to pay VAT tax on them.

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