NeBiuras mobile worstations in Vilnius, Source: Saulius Žiūra/

Nature-based mobile workstations set up in Vilnius

Nature-based mobile workstations set up in Vilnius

The open-air workplaces come complete with solar panels and Wi-Fi

The first mobile workstations in Lithuania for those who want to work surrounded by nature and enjoy the views of the capital have been set up in Vilnius. The innovative workspaces resembling wooden snail-like sculptures are located right next to the Neris River, near the White Bridge.

Solar panels and Wi-Fi

From 24 August, Vilnius residents can try them out for individual or teamwork. The roofs of the mobile workstations are equipped with solar panels allowing charging of a laptop or other devices. Each workstation also has wireless internet to make the hybrid work model applicable in nature.

The seven NeBiuras (off-office) workplaces are a gift from Darnu Group to residents and guests of Vilnius in the framework of a project implemented by Vilnius City Municipality.   

“Recent years have reminded us all how important nature is for our well-being and quality of life. During the quarantine, most office workers worked from home, and afterwards, the need for hybrid work increased. We wanted to give city residents the opportunity to move hybrid work to nature, enjoy the fresh air, the tranquillity of the Neris not only during breaks but also while working because fresh air helps to concentrate and maintain efficiency, which can sometimes be difficult to achieve at home,” says Darnu Group manager Sigita Survilaitė-Mekionienė, as quoted by the city website.

Closer to nature

Darnu Group, a real estate company that creates spaces for life, work and leisure, announced the NeBiuras design competition in the spring, inviting designers, architects and developers to submit design proposals for mobile workplaces. The terms of the competition required the workspaces to be designed in such a way as to allow people to spend as much time in the fresh air as possible while working in them.

45 creators from all over Lithuania submitted their works to the competition. Assessing the entries, the jury focused on job functionality, creativity, sustainability and mobility. Andrius Tautvaišas won the contest with his work "Closer to Nature".

“The very idea of ​​working in nature inspired me to search for irregular forms that look organic. Wood is one of the main symbols of nature, so I had no doubts about choosing this material. It seems to hug the worker in mobile workplaces so that he really feels surrounded by nature.

And, apart from the ‘enveloping effect’, we had to find slightly more complicated solutions to incorporate certain working conveniences, such as electricity and Internet connectivity. We have found a solution with solar modules, so people working here will not have to worry about where to charge their computer or mobile phone - that work will be done by the sun,” the creator explained.

The NeBiuras project was carried out by construction and woodworks company UAB ArtusLT, while UAB Bipa took care of infrastructure and communications. The mobile workstations will be open to anyone while the weather permits. They will be removed for the winter, and in the spring they will return to the White Bridge area.



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