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Netherlands hit by strongest summer storm in recorded history

Netherlands hit by strongest summer storm in recorded history

Wind speed reached up to 146 km/h causing the temporary closure of Amsterdam’s airport

Its name is Poly, and it is now officially the most severe summer storm to ever visit the Netherlands. The unusual weather phenomenon has been battering the north of the country and has already caused disruption to daily life there. The most affected has been Schiphol, Amsterdam’s international airport, where more than 300 flights have already been cancelled.

Poly has shattered records and has been declared the most severed summer storm in the Netherlands in meteorological history. More specifically, it was a wind gust, measured in Ijmuiden, which reached the dizzying speed of 146 km/h yesterday.

That was what defined the seriousness of the situation in numerical terms, causing the authorities to put the country on red alert. That wind gust meant that it was categorized as wind force 11, basically a notch under hurricane status.

Train rides have also been affected

Such strong summer storms are very rare, according to Weeronline. "A very severe summer storm like today is therefore unique," the weather website said on Wednesday.

Drivers in the north of the country were advised to stay away from the roads. Dutch national railway NS announced that all trains would be cancelled in that region on Wednesday morning as a result of the storm. NS advised passengers to consult the trip planner on its website and in its app. 

Code Red warning means there is a strongly increased chance of dangerous situations caused by falling branches, uprooted trees, and flying debris, like garden furniture and roof tiles. It also serves as a warning that electricity could be lost due to network damage, and that road traffic will be heavily affected.



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