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Never have your bike stolen again: simple solutions from Brussels

Never have your bike stolen again: simple solutions from Brussels

Residents of the Brussels-Capital Region can now rely on a simple but secure technological solution to protect their valuable bicycles

Have you ever been faced with the dilemma of either paying a significant amount of money for a public transport card or choosing a far cheaper and more environmentally friendly way of travelling - namely by bicycle, even if it is at risk of being stolen?

If your answer is yes, then you probably live or have lived in a big city. That is precisely why the newest and super convenient solution introduced last month in Brussels appeals to most of us.

Since March 2019, all residents living in the Brussels-Capital Region can benefit from a free online and easy-to-use service, aimed at guaranteeing more security for their bikes in the area. Mybike.Brussels allows you to register your bike and to purchase a free identifying sticker, containing a unique registration number and a QR code, which shall be placed on a visible part of the bicycle.

Thus, every bike containing the sticker can be declared as stolen or lost and identified within seconds by potential buyers, police officer or anyone else, and returned to the owner.


What is special about the sticker is that it does not present a risk of damaging the frame of your bike. What is more, it is resistant to uprooting, UV and changing weather conditions. This tool, combined with a good-quality padlock, significantly decreases the chances of someone making away with your beloved bike.



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