The new app will help you discover the state of contemporary art in Portugal, Source: Depositphotos

New app to guide contemporary art fans in Portugal

New app to guide contemporary art fans in Portugal

Now that art has become prominent in the news cycle, its upcoming release is very fortunate…or not

Next week, on 2 November, Palácio Foz, in Lisbon, will be the venue for the official launch of the “Portugal Contemporary Art Guide” mobile app. The new user service aims to bring the entire contemporary art scene in the Iberian country into one ever-updating spot – something that will thrill art enthusiasts and cultural tourists alike.

Available on Android and iOS devices, the app has been produced with the support of the Directorate-General for Arts (DGArtes), within the Portuguese Network of Contemporary Art (RPAC), and the Contemporânea magazine. It will be free to use, and it will serve as an agenda, a guide and a map, so you can get acquainted with and follow artists, exhibitions and shows in that field.

Boosting cultural tourism digitally

In the past couple of weeks, art and art museums have taken up the front pages of media outlets, what with the spate of attacks on masterpieces by environmental activists across Europe. Thus, the timing of the app’s release comes at an opportune time when people have revived interest in the works of art and their preservation in light of the controversy surrounding the destruction of art pieces. On the other hand, it is also a time of unease for galleries and museums who now might have to vet who comes in to view the exhibitions.

The “Portugal Contemporary Art Guide” project, created to fill the gap in terms of contemporary art offer agendas in Portugal, brings together detailed information about artists, exhibitions and collections, as well as the various exhibition facilities, namely: museums, galleries, public and private collections, foundations, biennials, and independent non-profit spaces, among others.

Constituting itself as an interactive database and instrument for attracting new audiences, the app contributes to the promotion and dissemination, nationally and internationally, of the universe of contemporary art in Portugal. 

Using filters necessary to select the desired location or the various spaces available “in loco,” the guide app will be a key tool for discovering and experiencing contemporary art in the country, whether by professionals in the field such as artists, critics, curators or students, tourists and others looking for artistic and cultural activities. 

Based on design, technology and software developed specifically for the app, and integrating with Google Maps, the Portugal Contemporary Art Guide will provide visitors from each city with quick and easy access to the local exhibition offer.



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