Krakow new climate change unit

New climate change unit operating in Krakow

New climate change unit operating in Krakow

Periods of sudden or prolonged rainfall, followed by flooding can cause severe damage

As of the beginning of 2020, there is a new urban unit for climate change operating in Krakow. The Climate-Energy-Water Economy (KEGW) will deal with construction and maintenance of the Polish city's drainage system, flood protection and investments in renewable energy sources, explained officials from the local authority.

Climate change adaptation for Krakow

The new unit will be in charge with an issue that is particularly important from the city's point of view and will facilitate the adaptation of Krakow to the effects of climate change. For example, periods of sudden or prolonged rainfall, followed by flooding have caused severe damage to the area of ​​Krakow over the past few years. Hence the need of the establishment of this specialized unit aiming to protect the life, health and property of residents against negative weather conditions.

KEGW is based in the 14 Złotej Jesieni estate. The unit was created on September 1, 2019 but before commencing work on the 1st of January 2020  carried out only organizational tasks to prepare for the launch.

Krakow and climate action

As we wrote earlier, the former Polish capital is implementing several measures in a bid for sustainability. For example, in the field of transport Krakow is renewing its fleet with the purchase of 50 new electric buses, that was completed few days ago and is aimed at replacing its old tramways. Air pollution, on the other hand, which returns as a serious issue every winter, is targeted with subsidies for solar collectors and innovative heating technologies. Finally, the city authorities are developing green stops and guidelines for creating roof gardens. This pilot programme is well appreciated by the locals, affirms Mayor of Krakow Prof. Jacek Majchrowski in a recent interview for TheMayor.EU.



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