Bulgaria will try to introduce a timid version of the 3G rule to control the spread of the disease

New Covid-restrictions in Bulgaria as cases soar

New Covid-restrictions in Bulgaria as cases soar

With 1371 new cases and a dismal vaccination rate of just over 15%, Bulgaria is tightening health measures

Bulgaria introduced new Covid-measures today, amid rising infections and a dismal vaccination rate. Yesterday, local authorities registered 1371 new cases out of around 21,000 tests in what looks to be the start of a fourth wave. With the recent spread of the Delta variant and only 15,5% of the population with a second dose of the vaccine, the country could be facing some hard times in the near future.

A timid introduction of the 3G rule

A major addition to the usual pandemic measures in Bulgaria is the introduction of something that resembles Austria and Germany’s 3G rule. The Gs in both German-speaking countries stand for “Getestet, Geimpft, Genesen” (Tested, Vaccinated, Recovered) and describes the three ways someone can provide evidence that they are immune to the virus.

Bulgaria’s version does not have a catchy name yet, but basically, it allows for restaurants to stay open and operate at 100% capacity if both the staff and customers are vaccinated, have recently recovered from the virus or have a negative PCR test made up to 72 hours beforehand.

Otherwise, restaurants, bars and cafes, as well as gyms, cultural events, sporting events, child care facilities and personal gatherings have to operate at 50% capacity.

All public administration has to work at 50% capacity as well, with at least half of the staff working from home. The new measures also specify that the start of the workday from home needs to be fixed somewhere between 7:30 AM and 10:00 AM. The same rule has been in place for private businesses for months now.

The Health Minister of the caretaker government, Dr Stoycho Katsarov, introduced the new measures to help with curbing the new wave of infections. According to him, they will reduce the passenger crowding in public transportation and will make it easier to implement anti-epidemic measures and social distancing.



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